Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nike Kobe 8 system impressions

Kobe 8 impressions
Had my first meaningful run in the Kobe 8's and right off the bat it's stupid how light these are. I was doubtful whether the engineered mesh could stand up to what I was going to put it through but it is reinforced with a fuse frame under the mesh to absorb the abuse. No heel slip that I had in the vii and I think it may be due to the shoe being more flexible over all. If the shoe is too stiff the amount of force exerted on the shoe moves from one end to the other and resulting in the softest part..the heel padding having to absorb that transfer of energy and being soft foam and lower creates the heel slip. Cushioning was no problem and despite missing that feedback you get from zoom air,the overall consistency of the transition is great. Traction was great on a dirty floor..not squeaky traction but I still felt anchored into the ground. Overall great ride,transition is excellent and despite the light weight, the shoe locked my foot in and took whatever I dished...I will say one thing whether it was coming off of a long layoff due to injury,the shoe might be too light..meaning when I go through my steps my feet feel like they are off from lack of weight and resistance created when wearing a slightly heavier shoe..whether this is just me and timing is just off or a result of my timing being thrown off by the weight and lack of resistance from the weight remains to be seen..a lot of me believes it is in me and my head but enough to be noted.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nike Hyperdunk 2011

Cleared for takeoff

When we first got our hands on the Nike hyperdunk in 2008,it was a giant step as it introduced us to lunar foam and flywire.Both technologies have naturally evolved however after the Nike hyperize,lunar foam was abandoned and zoom air was used in the forefoot.The hyperdunk 2010 featured a zoom air met unit that covered the ball of the foot under the big toe.While an improvement for responsiveness on pivots,it left a bit to be desired for overall forefoot cushioning.The hyperdunk 2011 uses a full forefoot zoom air unit as well as different sized air units for different levels of cushioning.The other change has been the uses of flywire.Originally woven into synthetic panels then changed to skinwire that was molded into the upper.Both had some breathability issues and skinwire was a little unforgiving for those with wider feet.The hyperdunk 2011 now uses a combination of skinwire as well as panels of flywire woven into a more breathable synthetic upper.With these improvements let's see if the Nike hyperdunk 2011 takes off or gets grounded.

A staple of the hyperdunk series is the light weight and that characteristic continues with the hyperdunk 2011.The materials used in the 2011 feel lighter compared to the full synthetic upper used in the 2010.The breathability of the 2011 is excellent taking lessons learned from the hyperfuse without sacrificing the overall structure of the shoe.One issue I had with the 2011 was that the upper is relatively flimsy.The flywire does a pretty good job of keeping my foot from exceeding the limits of the upper but it makes for a bit of a looser fit rather than locking my foot in place and experiencing some movement in the shoe.Inside the shoe are two padded lobes that fill the gaps from the natural space created by the ankle bone.With hardly any interior padding,these padded lobes help keep the heel in place when the shoe is tightened.

Cushioning in the 2011 is full forefoot and heel zoom air units.The heel unit is a 12mm bag that provides maximum cushioning.The forefoot features a 4mm bag that provides a low profile forefoot feel.The simple addition of the full forefoot zoom air would have been enough to make the cushioning great,but the addition of the larger zoom unit in the heel pushes the 2011 over the top for cushioning.

The hyperdunk 2011 features full herringbone traction for excellent grip.the rubber used in the outsole is a soft compound enhancing the shoe's problems with traction on any surfaces the shoe was reviewed on.A carbon fiber midfoot shank provides excellent midfoot support as well as a wedge of denser foam to keep the shoe from caving in at the midfoot on hard cuts.A forefoot outrigger also adds lateral stability.Ankle support is marginal with the upper being a thin synthetic material with fly wire
woven in.The heel counter and support is better than the 2010 but the way the molded heel is shaped left some room for the heel to move a little. I would have preferred my heel to be completely locked down.

Overall the hyperdunk 2011 steps up from the previous year and then goes even further.The combination of traction,cushioning and light weight with just enough support make for a great shoe.The different zoom air units make for a great responsive ride and the improved breathability were major pluses.The fit wasn't as snug as I would have liked even with a widish foot I still had some movement in the shoe.

Comfort and Fit-3.25/5
Ankle Support-2.75/5

If you're looking for light weight,responsive,well cushioned,great traction and breathable shoe,the Hyperdunk 2011 is tough to beat.Ankle support is a bit marginal and the fit isn't as snug in certain spots but the pluses certainly outweigh the negatives and in an overwhelming fashion.Definitely a part of the rotation on non review days.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Adizero rose 2 impressions

As I said before,what is the point of a high performance sports car if you're going to cheap out on the wheels.Traction on a shoe that's marketed to make you go fast and cut is a priority.How can you cut hard when you plant your foot on a cut and once force is applied the foot slides because it's not anchored.It's frustrating because I want to love the shoe for how it performs.But how can I love it if I can't wear it to every run???How can you be the best if I gotta change shoes on Sunday??The traction issue also amplifies other things that are overlooked when the shoe does what it's supposed to.The stiffness of the midsole and lack of soft cushioning make for a very firm ride.Those looking for or need a softer shoe,cut the other way.....I'm sure after I play in these Monday night on another clean court I'll be raving about them once again...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Adidas Adizero Rose 2 impression

This has been a great fall in terms of basketball shoes...each brand is bringing it..Adidas definitely went "all in" with the adizero rose last post I couldn't even bring myself to show the shoe any love because of how disappointed with the lack of traction on a less than perfect surface..tonight I got a chance to bring them out on a clean surface...honestly all I can say is WOW...while there are some issues...I've never been in a shoe that encourages you to go fast and be drose...The sprint frame on the rose 2 perfectly cups the heel along with some additional support from rigid foam during hard cuts the heel is kept level and with the rigid midsole allows the wearer to push off on a solid platform with very little give. Allowing the wearer to come off cuts with explosiveness.Traction on the clean surface was great.Stop and go's were great with not only the midsole and upper doing their jobs but also the outsole not giving.Now those looking for alot of cushioning might not be happy in these.The overall feel is firm with little give...after such a great showing today my next scheduled run in the is Sunday on a less than stellar court...If the shoe performs even 70% of what it showed tonight I might be "all in" as well

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nike Zoom Huarache Trainer

Crossing Over

Nike has been revamping it's cross training line by taking the great cross trainers of the past and updating them with today's advancements.The results from the basketball side of updating classics have been mixed at best.The cross training side has been better with the Air Trainer 1 and Air Trainer 1.5.Now the Nike Air Huarache Trainer gets an update.Zoom air and a revamped outsole while keeping the full length Lycra bootie makes for an excellent light weight training shoe.The question is so would it work on the basketball court?With the Huarache trainer popping up in the college ranks over the years and more recently on the feet of Amare Stoudamire,let's see if the Zoom Huarache trainer really has cross over appeal or should stay off the court.

note the lycra bootie

The Zoom Huarache trainer is very light due to the minimal Huarache design which cuts out excess materials without sacrificing fit and functionality.A full length Lycra bootie adds compression and a seamless fit.With all the material cut out to reduce weight,a mid foot strap locks down the foot while adding stability.No problems with breathability as the airflow through the shoe is excellent.

note the forefoot strap and slight forefoot outrigger

A zoom air unit in the heel provides excellent heel protection however with the flexible midsole forefoot cushioning is severely lacking.The feeling through the forefoot is very low profile but again after all the force absorbed by the torque generated by cutting and running makes for sore feet after extended play.

note the turf inspired outsole

Traction on the Trainer Huarache was interesting.A super flexible free inspired outsole is ideal for responsiveness when making cuts.However with a lack of mid foot rigidity,the possibility for injury skyrockets.The traction pattern is a turf inspired outsole but the raised turf pattern also works like a modified herringbone pattern and really eats up dirt on the court for better than expected traction.Ankle support was marginal which is common with Huarache based shoes.The Lycra sock and a solid heel counter holds the heel in place.The midfoot strap adds some support but not enough to cover the excessive flexibility of the outsole.


I went into the review not really knowing what to expect.I tempered my expectations on seeing NBA players and college players wearing cross trainers in games.The thing about most huarache based shoes is the similar feel from one type of shoe to the next.

Comfort and Fit-2.5/5
Ankle Support-2.5/5

As I went through the review process I constantly had to remind myself that I was playing in a shoe not designed for basketball.All ratings given are based on the shoe performing as a basketball shoe.The biggest problem with using the zoom huarache trainer is the lack of any midfoot rigidity.Especially when playing basketball,the massive amounts of torque one puts on the foot especially during quick lateral movement.Iinitially it was tough to determine what was causing some of the foot pain I endured during the review process.The soreness I experienced changed as I progressed from a result of my feet bending and twisting in ways they were not normally accustomed to the cushioning naturally breaking down and the stress from all the twisting became compounded with the lack of cushioning.Again this review was solely based on it's performance as a basketball shoe.